Anonymous Portrait #4

Stoneware and hair


(USED WITHOUT OBJECT) is a celebration of the autonomous self; a recognition of the human body as a personal tool used to experience one’s own existence.This collection of work aims to deconstruct the notion of commodity in womanhood to realize a pathway of self actualization.


The artist exploits moments related to her own human condition in order to create an honest space to discuss issues surrounding the body, relationships, and mental illness. Essential events and emotions are personified through hair. As a fundamental aspect of human appearance, hair is personal. It is used to denote status and identity, and even acts as a protector from the elements and debris. The utilitarian history of ceramics intersects with the concept of autonomy to investigate what it means to be a vessel or tool, serve a purpose, and find fulfillment. There is power in realizing that your identity and actions do not have to service anyone but yourself.

I Love My Contraceptive, It Has Become a part of Me, Mirena IUD

Stoneware, hair, and wire


White Noise

Stoneware and hair

This Color Brings Out My Eyes

Stoneware, hair, and gold luster


I Had to Censor Myself When You Were Around 

Stoneware and hair


On Alert 

Stoneware and hair


"Keep It Above the Covers" 

Stoneware and hair


My Insides When You Look at Me That Way